Clare McNally was invited to talk about copywriting structures for a second time for Tekstlinjen, a specialised, professional copywriting course in Copenhagen. This time, she dug even deeper into systematic ways of working with copy. She spoke to a giant screen with double the number of students from all over Denmark and squeezed in almost twenty packaging copy reviews. Phew.

In her talk, Clare looked at how copywriters can think much broader than just the sentence, caption or paragraph in front of them. Copywriting is always part of a bigger brand picture – a series of ads, a brand campaign, wider brand communication and, of course, the world, culture and all the crazy stuff that happens out there.

Copywriters must be able to both micro and macro manage tasks. They must balance brand consistency for recognition with brand surprise for talkability. Brand copywriting structures help you do this very effectively. Solid structures that guide what you write and how you write it mean that you always hit the ground running and can work faster. You know what you stand for and against and are more likely to be 'on brand', drawing people in to your universe.

You are then free to spend your time and brain power responding to, participating in or even creating culture. You can react to news and grab opportunities. This is not only more satisfying and fun for you as a creative, but also leads to better, more exciting and profitable work that actually works! Yes please.