As part of KEA's School of Design & Technology elective "Writing for Design & Business, Magazine focus", Clare McNally helped students from all over the world (Denmark, Edinburgh, Portugal, Bulgaria etc.) create new magazine concepts with relevant and surprising content. Students chose their own themes, from city streets to moods and the art of the break up.

Clare reviewed both group work and specific long and short form articles, and explored the growing world of magazines through her talks — 'Magazine content on physical & digital platforms' and 'Magazines as brands. Brands as magazines'.

The similarities between magazine editorial and branded content are clear. Social Media has given all brands a platform on which to publish. Clare showed how you can use the same structures found in brand building to build a magazine with member clubs, shops, products, books, pop ups, events, collaborations and influencers.

The Gentlewoman is a great example of a magazine as brand with its own club, shop and brand activations like this.

The Gentlewoman magazine (slash brand) showcases inspirational women and has its own club, shop and activations. It also creates beautiful items like cocktail needles (with jeweller Delfina Delettrez Fendi), and lambs wool blankets (with Paul Smith).

Agencies and clients can benefit from the cross-over thinking in curating magazine and brand content. Copywriters can learn to work more as brand editors. Editors and journalists can use brand thinking to get more out of their popular publications and loyal audience.

The international KEA Course, Writing for Design & Business, is curated and run by Rasmus R. Simonsen and is cleverly structured to mimic real-life editorial responsibilities. The students collaborate with KEA's Graphic Design Department to create a final magazine layout. You can read more about the final projects here.

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