In February and March of 2019, Clare McNally taught the Brand Creation course at the Danish School of Media & Journalism (DMJX) in Copenhagen. Clare created the 6-week course back in 2013, and each year the theme changes. For 2019, her focus was on sustainablity — recycling, upcycling, rescuing, waste reduction and natural or plant-based alternatives to plastic, dairy and meat.

Clare was responsible for the overall co-ordination and weekly reviews of all projects looking in detail at typography, art direction and copywriting across all media. She gave talks on Brand Worlds, Conceptual Packaging, Websites, Brand Activations, Social Media feeds, Editorial context, and Presentation techniques.

A collection of invited speakers, curated by Clare McNally, guided students through specific aspects of sustainability and branding — Thomas Kolster a.k.a. "Mr. Goodvertising" provided great inspiration for purpose and sustainable business models, and U.K. writer Nick Parker from That explains things gave a fantastic brand tone-of-voice workshop. Pelle Martin from award-winning Danish digital agency SpringSummer provided a splash of website magic; and independent Art Director Cathrine Understrup raised the presentation bar with her talk on packshot perfection.

The final brands were presented at Robert Boisen & like-minded, where "Lunch Rebels" (a future-friendly, plant-based drink to replace the Danish school milk) was awarded Best New Brand of 2019! This brand, created by Helga Askehave & Alberte Børling Anderson, cleverly taps into future generations affected by climate change; harnesses youth activism and explores the visual language of schools and creativity beautifully. Here, an overview of their project.

The 2nd-year Kreativ Kommunikation students showed that "sustainable" definitely does not have to be moralistic or boring. Saving our planet is not only necessary, but also a cool thing to do. We creatives can all play our part in fighting apathy via engaging solutions. See more Brand Creation projects here. And a bit of work-in-progress below ...

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