March 2021 saw the exciting launch of the 'How to create a good brand' course for the Atomic Garden School of Creativity in Vilnius, headed by Clare McNally. The course ran online over 12 weeks and included ten expert teachers from around the world. An interesting mix of students joined from design agencies, brand management, start-ups and various study fields. Some even had their own brands already, but wanted to learn more about how to use the power of creativity to make them shine. What united everyone was the desire to create brands that are good for society, health and our planet. Here you can find some of the final work.

Cheery Pits / Natural healing toys for kids — Inga Kochanauskaite and Emile Borisaite discovered that over four million tonnes of cherries are produced annually and that the pits (that make up 15% of the fruit!) all go to waste. They also discovered that these pits are actually pretty incredible. They’re a natural by-product that can be cleaned, then heated or cooled to treat high fever or bumps and bruises. Who’d have known? They decided to create fun healing toys for kids. And what better name than ‘Cheery pits’, for happy kids and happy parents. 

Green Ray burial caskets / coffins made from mushrooms — Traditional burials are not very planet friendly. Green burials are a growing trend. So, Simas Okas, Kotryna Bob Briedytė and Lukas Juškonis decided to tap into this movement with a super sustainable new innovation – a burial casket made from mushroom mycelium that biodegrades within two months. The team called their brand ‘Green Ray’ (a rare optical phenomenon where the sun sets on a distant and clear horizon with an emerald green flash)

Donodo / hammocks for mind adventures — Kornelija Jure and Toma Kanytė wanted to find a way to upcycle the left-over materials from Lithuanian Adventure Parks (Kornelija works for one of the biggest parks, so she's well aware of the problems). They also wanted to upcycle plastic trash left in the woods in a good way. And so, Donodo hammocks were born. All you need are trees, and your mind's free to wander ... or not.