Keeping an agency's creative department entertained for a whole day is no joke, especially when it's on April Fools. However, when it's Ogilvy Vilnius and they're motivated, enthusiastic and super smart, it's actually easy.

The creative workshop was specifically tailored to boost creative areas that the Ogilvy team felt they wanted to focus on. The day was divided into two parts — the morning provided loads of general creative inspiration, and the afternoon zoomed in on tools and structures to help create a brand's editorial content structure for Social Media. Talks and examples were interspersed with practical exercises using the agency's own clients like IKEA or Tele 2 for tasks. This made the exercises super relevant, yet created opportunities for discovering new possibilities in a playful and explorative context.

Ikea is one of Ogilvy Vilnius main clients, so the team brainstormed some fun and surprising ways to get attention, and create some attention-grabbing content for SoMe. They made some fantastic topical and culturally relevant ideas and had a lot of fun news-jacking!

Ogilvy Vilnius Creative Director, Dominykas Žilėnas, had this to say of the workshop:

"We had a two-part workshop on creativity and brand presence on SoMe. I would say that it can be very beneficial to remember the basics - like what makes a good creative idea, or how to approach the task strategically - especially with such an inspiring speaker. We learned how an editorial approach to social media can help create a better and more meaningful brand presence. As an agency, we now feel more methodical and creative in our approach to SoMe. I can truly recommend Clare whether you need an inspirational workshop on creativity, or to sharpen your skills in specific areas. You will get valuable and relevant know-how, presented in a fun and engaging way."

If you're interested in Clare McNally's workshop "The Brand Buffet© / How to think editorially for Social Media", then please get in touch. The workshop can be a half or a full day, and examples and exercises can be tailored to your agency's clients and desired categories, platforms or themes.