The Brand Creation Course curated and taught by Clare McNally at the Danish School of Media and Journalism began in February of 2020. In early March, the school closed. Chaos ensued, but somehow the course continued. Finally, in mid October, the students presented their projects to creative agency, Robert Boisen & Like-minded. Never has a presentation felt so good!

The course explores brands that are good for our planet, ethics and health. Think vegan condoms, sugar-free sweets, plastic-free chewing gum and gender-neutral make-up. Emphasis is placed on discovering a strong strategic and conceptual base founded in research, facts, trends and gaps in the market. The concept is crucial and needs to inspire creativity across all platforms. The 'good brand' ocean is no longer that blue - categories like plant-based oat milk, for example, are already quite saturated and new alternatives such as split peas or hazelnuts are popping up. New brands have to really stand out with a clear purpose and beautiful execution.

Despite the ‘interruption’ of a global pandemic, the work was fantastic. Perhaps even better than some of the previous years (of course, some teams tanked and, as it’s 2020, we’ll cut everyone some slack). Here is a short overview of some of the projects.

Birch Beasts wild Nordic gummies by Jonathan Slyngborg Fjord / These sugar-free sweets make Birch trees the hero as a wonderfully sweet alternative to harmful sugar. Natural Birch juice is combined with delicious wild Nordic berries to create unique Scandinavian flavours, and a group of beastly treats who love being out in nature and get pretty aggressive around sugar! And which kid doesn't like an angry, but sweet, beast bestie?

Hornyhealth vegan condoms by Sally Katrine Trier and Mette Hau Larsen / Yes animal lovers, there are cows in your condoms! Luckily, this playful new, vegan brand uses the thorny thistle plant instead for a nicer, natural lube that's 100% planet-friendly. And, as vegans often lack vitamins, like iron, calcium and B12, why not add those while you're at it? (vitamins can actually be absorbed through our mucous membranes). So now, you're not only protected from unwanted pregnancy and STD's, you'll also get healthy while you get horny. Yes please!

The core range of Hornyhealth condoms have your nerves, muscles and bones covered, and many clever brand extensions and activations add to the fun with some Vitamin D for Pride's "Double Drive", Zinc for your "Vegan Valentine", and sunblock for even more protection over the heated Summer holidays. The brand is already getting attention, winning the Best Brand of 2020 and a Creative Conscience Award. It seems that being horny and healthy is truly a match made in heaven.

Påp Seasonal Komubucha by Sophie Amalie Fälling and Peter Emil Birkvig / This seasonal Kombucha celebrates the sound of fermentation and really is one of a kind. The unpredictable Nordic weather, and thorough research, lead the way. Positioned as a healthy, non-alcoholic beverage to compliment Nordic, Korean and Japanese cuisine, the poetic flavours and handy tools will have you foraging for your dinner under bright, autumn leaves.

Podmilk by Pernille Lund / Did you know that split peas are one of the few foods that can grow in space? They also make delicious, creamy plant-based milk ... and so Podmilk was born. It's like this brand was meant to be. Even Neil Armstrong saw it coming and is quoted on the pack: "It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth". 

This futuristic insight led to seamless executions across all media that all hold together beautifully. With Podmilk Protein Powder as a natural product extension and ethereal, floating packshots. A wonderful example of a conceptually ground-breaking idea that feels fresh, intriguing and limitless.

Finally, a bit of beind-the-scenes action. The talented Creative Communication students really grabbed this opportunity to show off their skills with hand-drawn type, illustrations and crafted packshots and animations.

The winners of Best Brand 2020, Sally Katrine Trier and Mette Hau Larsen with Hornyhealth vegan condoms, congratulations!