For the second year in a row, Clare McNally gave an inspiring talk to young creatives at the Creative Brief Contest in Nida, Lithuania. The contest is an initiative from The Atomic Garden Advertising School in Vilnius where aspiring creatives work on a real brief for three days with professional mentors. Final ideas are presented to an international jury and the best work wins a scholarship to study at the school. The winning campaign is also produced IRL. No pressure.

This year, the lucky client was the municipality of Neringa – a region known for its infinite beaches, imposing dunes and lush forests. All Unesco protected. The campaign's aim is to attract more Scandinavian, British and German tourists to this beautiful and undiscovered part of the Baltic coast.

It's common knowledge that when searching for greatness, quantity is key. Or, as Linas Pauling said: "The best way to have good ideas, is to have lots of ideas". So, Clare McNally shared her own tried-and-tested idea generation tools and techniques in her presentation "How to come up with endless ideas" – from playing with facts, to thinking of the opposite, doing something good, collaborating, inventing and having a power nap.

Clare believes that 'getting stuck' is a common creative problem caused by a confused, uninspired and hungry brain. You need to collect, curate and generate a wide variety of thoughts and inputs, then store them in order so your brain can work efficiently and do its connection magic. With a solid framework in place, you're way more likely to experience that 'Eureka moment!' while walking in the woods or working your way through a giant Lithuanian Cepelinai dish!

Here, one of the final campaigns with a lovely copy-driven solution. Well done, Eglė Girdauskaitė and Greta Ženavičiūtė

Clare McNally sat on the international jury together with Bruno Ribeiro (CD MullenLowe, London), Antonio Bechtle (CD Bechtle & Milzarajs, Vilnius) and Rimantas Stanevicius (CD at Milk, Vilnius) — Photos from Jordis Satūnas.

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