This was the big question Clare McNally set out to answer in her keynote talk at the 2018 What's Next festival in Vilnius. Clare was invited to speak about 'Responsible Creativity' by the Atomic Garden Advertising School, and sat on the guest panel at the event to discuss creative solutions to social issues.

In her talk, Clare explored power, responsibility and integrity, questioning their importance in our turbulent times of growing social, economic, environmental and political unrest. She looked at the role creatives, brands and companies can play in creating a better future, showing possible solutions through business models, stories, and the successes and failures of a variety of agencies and brands.

The true power for change does not actually lie with any of these bodies. Consumer activism and rebellion were highlighted as one of the most effective means to instigate change from the bottom up. Social Media offers a platform for shared information, exposure and the kind of bad publicity brands want to avoid at all costs. A great example of this is the clever activism of the mistreated tomato growers in the U.S. They were ignored by their superiors on the farms and so decided to share their story with consumers and encourage students to boycott Taco Bell who purchased the tomatoes. It worked. Taco Bell agreed to improve wages and working conditions. Read more about this action here.

Political theorists agree that rebellion is justified once the establishment fails. The global movemet, "Extinction Rebellion" fighting climate change, is a prime example. People have realised they can no longer wait for governing bodies to solve important global issues, it's up to us!

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”  
— Albert Einstein.

Clare McNally talking about Brand Innovation at What's Next 2017

— Clare was also invited to talk at the 2017 What's Next festival. Her topic was 'Brand Innovation' and she explored exciting new ways brands can keep audiences engaged.

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