The Danish creative industry is unfortunately far behind the rest of the world when it comes to gender equality. Women make up just 10% of local ad award juries (Cannes Lions juries were 46% female in 2019, while D&AD juries hit 50%). Industry bodies blame agencies. Agencies remain silent. So, Clare McNally and Clara Prior-Knock decided to take matters into their own hands and founded the "Ministeriet for Kreative Reklamekvinder" (The Ministry for Creative Advertising Women).

The movement started with an April Fools stunt published in Bureaubiz during award's season where a new Creative Circle jury was announced: the "Future Experiences" Jury. Gender stats were reversed in this surprisingly progressive jury which was over 90% female. Clare McNally was the jury Chairperson claiming 'tongue-in-cheek' that she missed "a bit more diversity in the jury, since we almost all had the same starting point and often agreed".

The April 1 'joke' was swiftly followed by an article – "Danish creative women have a vision for the future, and it includes them" (Bureaubiz, 9 April 2019). Everyone was invited to play a role in creating change, and the Ministry for Creative Advertising Women launched on 11 April 2019.

The Ministry's mission is clear — "The Ministry for Creative Advertising Women is an inspiring and supportive community for female advertising creatives in Denmark. Here, you can connect with other female creatives, share experiences and get practical career advice. We want more women winning creative awards, getting promoted, teaching, being role models and starting agencies. 'Cause more women doing these things, means more women doing these things! So, if you're a female creative working in advertising and you want to help create change, please join us!"

(Ministry identity created by Cathrine Understrup)

Ministry events have included a lively 'Networking Night' with introductions and discussions at Uncle Grey and a 'Speaker Night' at Brandhouse with three inspiring guest speakers addressing the umbrella theme of role models. These nights highlight the key role of the Ministry, to unite and inspire female creatives through knowledge and networking.

The 2019 Danish Creative Circle Awards were held in May and, sadly, proved, once again, how out of touch Denmark is. Instead of taking gender equality and diversity seriously, the organisers' decided to poke fun at both by basically insulting everyone. Semi-clad women pranced behind an old guy brandishing a large hose pipe for no particular reason. Later, he returned with a crew of topless dwarfs. Luckily they stopped there.

The Danish Creative Circle Awards ceremony 2019 CCA

In June of 2019, two Ministry members, Clara Prior-knock (ACD at Uncle Grey) and Trine Qvistgaard (Senior Art Director at Vice/Virtue) were elected to the Danish CCA Board. Progress!

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