The Gerety Awards are named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who coined the slogan "A diamond is forever” back in 1948 — the award show is unique in that all jury members are female, a decision made to balance historically male-dominated award shows and points of view.

In 2022, this prestigious award arrived in Denmark for the first time and Clara Prior-Knock was chosen as the Danish jury head, with 13 female jury members, including Clare McNally. After judging, Alex Reeves from LBBonline - Little Black Book held an online discussion with Clara Prior-Knock and Clare McNally about their judging experience, work entered and state of Danish advertising.

See all the winners here and the full, live discussion with LBB online Deputy Editor, Alex Reeves here.

Thank you for creating this platform Lucia Ongay, it gives an important perspective to the ad industry. An industry in need of both more diversity and more cognitive empathy (thanks Nick Asbury! 🙌🏽).