Clare McNally was asked to head up the Copywriting module for the 6-month Atomic Garden Creativity Course in Vilnius. She sifted through decades of copywriting experience to create lecture material, class exercises and copy briefs. Talk topics included: general good writing tips, the power of copywriting structures, copy in context, brand tone of voice, verbal reframing, writing for radio and generating taglines.

Here are two of Clare's favourite campaigns from the course, both from her "Copy in context" class. The brief was to create outdoor posters for a coffee brand, but in two different locations for different audiences — firstly, for travellers at airports, and then for students on a university campus. The brief highlights the power of context. It triggers fresh and unique opportunities for creative thinking.

The first campaign for Starbucks plays perfectly into the mood of exhausted, jet-lagged travellers. Congratulations to the creative team of Auguste Kavaliauskaite and Ausra Amelija Banyte. See their portfolio here.

I guess being students gave Paulina Urbštaitė and Žygimantas Mitkus the perfect 'consumer mindset' to create their clever "Drinking Games" campaign. Who knows how many cups it took to crack the tagline? 'The real drink students need' is super strong. Fantastic work from this talented team who've only just begun their copy adventure. Enjoy the rest of their work here.

One of many quotes Clare shared during her copywriting course ... very relevant for new ad students.

The 2022/2023 Atomic Garden "Creativity in Advertising" course started in Vilnius on October. You can find out more about future courses and apply here.