Under the guidance of Clare McNally (Course Head) and creativity and sustainability experts, the students of 'How to create a good brand' at the Atomic Garden School of Creativity in Vilnius created new brands from scratch. They chose their own categories, and despite little to no branding, design or copywriting experience (and some kids and full-time jobs), still managed to pull off some pretty impressive results! Here's a brief overview ...

Zane Rožkalne and Kristina Trippin wanted to create a fun, freeze-dried fruit powder brand using rescued fruit from local farmers. They chose quinces, plums and apples for their range as they're the most wasted fruits in Lithuania, and the size, shape and blemishes don't matter much once re-magined as powder. Their quirky tone of voice is reflected in their brand name: "Fruits with benefits" ... for you and the planet.

Juste Ol and Modesta Kalkyte discovered that the world has precisely zero biodegradable bicycle helmets, with existing helmets creating tonnes of plastic waste. They also discovered that mycelium strands from mushrooms can be combined with bio-waste to make safe and stylish helmets. They called their new brand "Threadhead", and named their range after various mushroom sizes: Pinhead (for kids) and Pollyhead and Pileihead for adults.

Lukas Svirplys and Ksenija Jancarskaja both have a fashion background, so were quickly drawn to the idea of a sustainable fashion app that curates expressive rental outfits based on your mood. So, happy or sad, melancholic or sexy ... you'll look how you feel and the world will be a little greener thanks to X.MOOD!

Paulina Starikovaitė and Odeta Gi wanted to use healthy snackbars made from sustainable edamame beans to encourage stressed-out millennials to take a mindful moment on the go. How? It's been scientifically proven that one of the best ways to be mindful is to engage one of our five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. So, take a "Pause" with this purposeful new brand.

Agnė Rita Kučinskaitė and Brigita Le uncovered a concerning fact: Lithuania is top of the table when it comes to youth suicide and mental health issues in the EU. They wanted to help via yoga, an ancient and well-known way to decrease stress and improve mood. Combining the cool world of teens with the calm universe of yoga proved challenging. In the end, however, "Yogadose" was born to support teens in supporting themselves.

International guest speakers included John Grant, author of Greener Marketing; Hans Høite Augustenborg, Co-founder of Birdie Scandinavia; and Marcos Almirante, Creative, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Storm Education. Lithuanian experts included Gabija Platūkytė, Head Designer at Great & Golden Branding Studio; Mantas Velykis, Creative Director at LRT; Rimantas Stanevicius, Creative Director at Milk Creative Agency; Augustinas Paukštė, Co-founder at And Studio; Aistė Jakimavičiūtė Bikauskė, Partner and Creative Director at Imagine; Justina Muralytė Kozlovė, Brand Strategist; Martynas Birškys, Creative Director at DADADA Studio; Aurimas Kadzevičius, Co-founder of Pencil & Lion; and Jonas Liugaila, Partner and Head of Design Strategy at Critical.

The Atomic Garden 'How to create a good brand' class of 2023. Congratulations!