Design Can ("Design Kan" in Danish) is a long-running, Danish podcast series created by Kristina May, Founding Partner of AM Copenhagen. It's rated as one of Denmark's best. In 2023, the format was expanded to include English episodes, and to kickstart this new initiative, the podcast got a whole new format. A panel of experts were invited to discuss a pre-recorded interview with Kristina May and various visionaries in architecture, branding, fashion, entrepreneurship and design.

Clare McNally was one of the experts invited to participate in the discussions. She was joined by Katherine Richardson (Professor in Biological Oceanography and leader of Sustainability Science Centre at Copenhagen University), Morten Grubak (VP Creative Direction, Zalando) and Mie Levi Fenger (Head of Business Growth, Valified).

The series began with architect, Enlai Hoi, Head of Innovation at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. The buoyant discussion flowed around sustainable structures, communities in cities, re-use of buildings, government intervention, architects as a species and more.

The second in the series follows an interview with Liza Enebeis, Creative Director and Partner at Studio Dumbar/DEPT®. The concept of "Branding" as visual pollution in public space was discussed, as well as greener and better ways to communicate going forward.

Two more episodes are still to come covering fashion with Mark Tan, and entrepreneurship with Frederik Halsted. Follow Design Kan here.